System Audits

Integrity of BOPE is paramount. Cansco provides independent audit and assessment surveys of BOPE systems to recognized industry standards, codes and practices.

Pressure Testing

With purpose built BOPE testing facilities Cansco provides all required well bore, operating and shell pressure tests to the highest level of assurance.

Shear Testing

Cansco provides verification of shear capability, Shear Test, for any combination of ram-type preventer, shear bonnets, shear rams and test pipe configuration, with tests undertaken under strict controls to API standards.

Equipment Inspections

Cansco undertakes comprehensive inspections on each item of equipment upon its return from every job.  Repairs to equipment are sub-contracted to OEM approved workshops whilst servicing and testing in undertaken in house at Cansco. This same high specification quality assured service is available for Customer owned equipment, project managed by Cansco.

Pre-assembly and Testing

To speed up on-site rig up times whilst still providing the highest level of equipment integrity Cansco pre-assemble complete drill through assemblies at its facilities and fit, function and pressure test the assemblies prior to dispatch to the field. Pre-assembly and testing of drill through BOPE and accessories can reduce commissioning times in the field by up to 75%.