for High Pressure / High Temperature Wells

Cansco is the trusted partner in some of the world’s most challenging High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) well construction projects.

We specialise in providing complete Blowout Prevention Equipment (BOPE) packages for HPHT wells, the range and quality of our equipment and technical support supply is unmatched in the industry.

Involved at your well planning phase we are able to provide you with the best equipment solutions for the specific challenges of your HPHT well presents, including;

Large bore Diverters for top hole drilling and Rotating Circulating Devices (RCD’s) for top hole drilling of hard fractured formations- 30″ 1M Diverter Annulars and upto 33″ 1M Rotating Head
Large bore Blowout Preventers in for top hole drilling- 26-3/4″ 3M Ram Preventer package
Large bore high pressure Blowout Preventers for intermediate hole section drilling- 21-1/4″ 5M Ram Preventer package
- 21-1/4″ 10M Ram Preventer package
High pressure Blowout Preventers for deep critical hole section drilling - 18-3/4" 15M Ram Preventer package
- 13-5/8" 15M Ram Preventer package
- 11" 15M Ram Preventer package
Full set of wellhead adapters and spacer spools to suit specific wellhead stack-ups for each hole section
BOPE Lifting frames to allow setting of planned and contingency wellhead slip and seal equipment
Speciality ram blocks for heavy wall casings and drillpipe- 14", 13-5/8", 11" 10-3/4" and 7-5/8" casing ram blocks
- Shear rams for hi-spec drill pipe
Side arm valve packages for upper and lower choke and kill lines
Choke and kill hoses
Modular choke manifold for single choke line entry and dual choke line entry options
High pressure RCD for managed pressure drilling operations in tight pore/fracture gradient windows
High capacity Mud Gas Separator, for managed pressure drilling operations in critical gas hole sections
High capacity BOP Control Unit and supplementary accumulator bottle banks for large closing volume requirements