Welcome to Cansco.

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us today. I trust our website has provided you with an informative and useful insight to our Company, and I’d like to add to that with a personal message of my own.

I am delighted to be able to tell you that since our specialisation on rental well control equipment solutions in 2010 we have been exceptionally busy, realising our well defined vision, and building on an outstanding and ever strengthening foundation.

With a clear and disciplined focus we have grown significantly over the last few years, without leverage. We have built a commanding industry presence with our vast inventory of equipment, yet it is our focus on service quality that is the key differentiator at Cansco. Our Clients expect and deserve services by people who are experts in their roles. Cansco fulfils this expectation.

Our equipment plays a critical role in our Customers well site process-safety efforts. We fully understand this role, and how to add to the effectiveness of these efforts. As a result, with our new PROCESS+ initiative, we not only offer well site operations the benefit of the added assurance provided by a CANSCO BOP package, we now also offer solutions that improve kick detection and reduce personnel exposure to uncontrolled flow, regardless of the particular rig set up.  

At Cansco, when we focus on something, we do it well. It is a fundamental characteristic of who we are.

Pursuing the highest standards of excellence in all of our business practices has helped us deliver significant success, and remains essential to our continued evolution.

We remain steadfast on our commitment to advance well control performance in its every form. Our direction is clear, our team is energised, and we look forward to being part of your next success.

Yours Sincerely,
Mike Simpson
Chief Executive

May 2016

To use tomorrows playbook, take a digital step forward now.

Above the noise of the current industry thunderstorm, this modern industry rallying cry is emanating from an increasing number of directions, and was recently echoed to our team here at Cansco.

Challenging times ahead? Yes, but then we like a challenge here at Cansco. Our challenge cannot just be about navigating a path towards mere survival. Our industry is long overdue a core transformation in how it delivers value, and the current protracted industry downcycle is building exactly the kind of momentum required to make transformational change a reality.

Guilty of falling back into the good old ways all too easily with every boom and bust cycle, our industry struggles to embrace the kinds of commercial and technological innovations needed to realise the distinction between cost and value. But this cycle will be different, and that’s why Cansco is already planning and preparing a new playbook for tomorrow.

A remnant of yesterday’s playbook, the lingering ‘lowest price at any cost’ procurement play will take its toll on conventional supply and service teams’ make up and playing styles, and in doing so will fuel an industry transformation that will bloom with opportunities.

Tomorrows playbook will feature characteristics of plays that take digital competition into consideration. Digital is the differentiator in this particular cycle, and whilst it hasn’t as yet reached anywhere near its value enabling potential it will none the less play a key role in the transformational change that we will see as tomorrows industry unfolds.

Maximising our chances of winning in tomorrow’s industry is what we are focused on now. We see the team with the best coordination, communication, collaboration and engagement usually wins because there are always multiple ways to score at any time and in any situation. Everyone is a player on the digital stage and therefore everyone plays a part in our new playbook. Employees, customers, suppliers, intermediaries, third parties, leadership, boards all are people who can play a role in our digital success. We see the company with the broadest view of their players by definition has access to more capability and capacity than peers who restrict their vision of who matters to their success.

In tomorrow’s well control performance playbook a digital step forward now is the right step forward.