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Stay in Control

Stay in Control

Dedicated to Jimmy Dale Gray, friend and respected colleague.
September 13, 1956 to April 18, 2012

Missing a Critical Piece

Missing a Critical Piece


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Integrity on Every Well

Integrity on Every Well

Cansco Logo

Our Logo

The design of the Cansco Well Control logo captures the transformation of the company into a specialist well control service provider for the international oil and gas industry.

The Icon

The Cansco Well Control Logo reflects our Vision: Cansco Integrity on every well, meaning our core business is providing integrity assured well control solutions for each of our well projects, and our vision is for every well project in the industry to benefit from the integrity focus of our service offering.

At the core business level, the red sphere represents the pressure in a well (oil or gas) and the cube surrounding the sphere represents the 3-dimensional capability of Cansco’s service offering in providing effective solutions for the control of well pressures. The trueness of the sphere represents absolute control of well pressure during well activities, and the blue cube represents the reassuring certainty of integrity.

At the global business level, the red sphere represents all well activity in the oil and gas industry, and the cube surrounding the sphere represents the global application of Cansco’s unique service offering and its potential for reducing well site risk giving well control the priority it deserves.