Array Latest Shear Verfication Test

Latest Shear Verfication Test

02 Jun 2011


BOP Shear and Seal Verification testing continues to be a focus area for our Customers and Cansco's purpose built BOP testing facility has proven its effectiveness time and again in delivering quality test results. However it was particularly pleasing when recently one of our premier Suppliers requested our assistance to conduct shear and seal tests for their Customer.  The shear and seal test was a complete success and a very satisfactory outcome for our Supplier.

Cansco continues to add important Shear and Seal testing results and lessons to our testing data base, in particular Cansco's pressure data logger (allowing simultaneous second by second analysis of multiple pressure points, for example hydraulic shear pressures at the control unit and at the BOP itself) is able to show how hydralic pressure varies across the hydraulic system during the shear.