Array Cansco's Modular Manifold Success

Cansco's Modular Manifold Success

21 Apr 2011

Always searching for ways to improve operational integrity and efficiency at the rig site, Cansco's latest innovation is the development of a Modular Choke Manifold arrangement, see attached photos of a Dual Module, Double Entry 3-1/16IN 10M Manifold, that brings the following benefits to our customers;
  • Modular arrangement allows easy upgrade of a single Choke Module Manifold to dual, triple or quad Choke Module Manifold
  • Modular arrangment allows easy upgrade to multiple choke line entry to the Manifold
  • Standardized components throughout, minimizing spares inventories and maximizing configuration flexiblity
  • Ready availabilty of replacement equipment and parts together service technicans from Cansco Field Support
  • Minimal foot print, up to 50% reduction on conventional layouts, allows ease of transport and locating at the rig-site
  • Dedicated test point allows ease of 'off-line' routine pressure testing
  • Dual remote choke control panels for all manifolds provides operational redundancy

These benefits are already being realized in the field, and the Modular Manifold success has prompted Cansco to add a further batch of these manifolds to our inventory.  Customers also have the options to trade their existing mainfolds for a Cansco Modular Manifold in return for rental credit.