Array Dual Bore Rams - Test Mandrel Gap Filled

Dual Bore Rams - Test Mandrel Gap Filled

11 Nov 2011


With every step taken to maximize reservoir hydrocarbon recovery comes increasing levels of production technology.  Dual string completion is one of many production technologies available to well operators, and like all well technologies the well site deployment integrity must be verified prior to each use.

Talking to our Customers we recognized a general lack of suitable test mandrels for testing Dual Bore Rams on th well prior to running Dual String Completions.  In response Cansco, working with one of our suppliers, designed, built and tested the Multi-Change Dual Bore Ram Test Mandrel, (MDB Mandrel) a reliable and durable test mandrel for Dual Bore Rams that not only can safely be deployed into the well on drillpipe for Dual Bore Ram presssure testing, but it also has the ability (with simple in-field adjustment) to cater for the complete range of Dual String bore diameters and spacings.

Cansco is delighted with the success of the MDB Mandrel, and its ability to fill an important integrity gap for our Customers.