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Innovative New Sand Separation Technology

By 13/05/2020 September 15th, 2020 No Comments

Innovative New Sand Separation Technology Arrives in the Middle East Region.

Produced sand, a by-product of producing oil and gas wells, presents our industry with numerous challenges, which, if not properly mitigated, can result in significant, if not catastrophic losses.

Sand management is the process of mitigating sand production from the reservoir and of its subsequent effects on well and surface production process equipment. New technology is now available that offers a significant step change in surface sand separation performance, and Cansco, already well known for its Well Control Equipment solutions, now offers this technology to the region in association with SOS Sand Technology Inc.

Cansco Production Services (a Division of Cansco International) is very excited to announce the arrival of the latest sand separator technology, the ‘BBS™’ Sand Separator to Cansco’s facilities in Jebel Ali Industrial Area this week.

The BBS™ Sand Separator System is uniquely designed to capture the maximum sand and solids recovery during well production operations, and during flow back and long term well testing operations, with up to 99.5% solids recovery consistently delivered in past operational installations.

The BBS™ Sand Separator System is a ‘State of the Art’ vessel from a technology development perspective and uses its patented technology to deliver on its separation performance promise where all other industry solutions fail.

Apart from superior sand separation performance the BBS™ 40 Model is just under 14,000 lbs in weight, has a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi, a total capacity of some 20 ft3 and a self flush arrangement making it smaller, lighter, and easier to operate than traditional sand separator spreads.

Cansco Production Services in association with SOS Sand Technology Inc is delighted to offer BBS™ Sand Separator System unitized for land and offshore, production, flow back, well clean up and well test operations.

Cansco Production Services are very excited about the benefits the BBS™ Sand Separator System brings to the region, with this innovative solution a complementary addition to Cansco’s already successful Well Control Equipment solutions.