Involved at your well planning phase we are able to provide you with the best equipment solutions for the specific challenges your HPHT well presents, including;

  • Large bore Diverters for top hole drilling and Rotating Circulating Devices (RCD's) for top hole drilling of hard fractured formations
    • 30" 1M Diverter Annulars and upto 33" 1M Rotating Head
  • Large bore Blowout Preventers in for top hole drilling
    • 26-3/4" 3M Ram Preventer package
  • Large bore high pressure Blowout Preventers for intermediate hole section drilling
    • 21-1/4" 5M Ram Preventer package
    • 21-1/4" 10M Ram Preventer package
  • High pressure Blowout Preventers for deep critical hole section drilling
    • 18-3/4" 15M Ram Preventer package
    • 13-5/8" 15M Ram Preventer package
    • 11" 15M Ram Preventer package
  • Full set of wellhead adapters and spacer spools to suit specific wellhead stack-ups for each hole section
  • BOPE Lifting frames to allow setting of planned and contingency wellhead slip and seal equipment
  • Speciality ram blocks for heavy wall casings and drillpipe
    • 14", 13-5/8", 11" 10-3/4" and 7-5/8" casing ram blocks
    • Shear rams for hi-spec drill pipe
  • Side arm valve packages for upper and lower choke and kill lines
  • Choke and kill hoses
  • Modular choke manifold for single choke line entry and dual choke line entry options
  • High pressure RCD for managed pressure drilling operations in tight pore/fracture gradient windows
  • High capacity Mud Gas Separator, for managed pressure drilling operations in critical gas hole sections
  • High capacity BOP Control Unit and supplementary accumulator bottle banks for large closing volume requirements

Our BOPE HPHT packages are supported by qualified technicians with on-site workshop and stores facilities to provide these high profile well projects with the back-up and contingency assurance they need.