Better Enterprise Management through Digital Transformation

Enabling an evolving operational model requires a level of speed, capability and accuracy that traditional approaches can’t meet.

Cansco’s proprietary CAN EXCEED Enterprise Management System is at the core of Cansco’s operating model transformation. EXCEED powers Cansco’s growth platform, enabling innovative new technologies to rapidly enter the marketplace and enable significant performance improvements for our Customers.

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Digital Enterprise Management System for

Oilfield Service Equipment Rentals & Sales

With every industry cycle comes the need to challenge operational models, businesses must adapt to the new operating environment, or suffer the consequences. Smarter businesses build a continually evolving operational model however its efficiency is a function of the effectiveness of a business’ enterprise management system.

Cansco has transformed its business by developing and implementing a Digital Enterprise Management System, CAN-EXCEED, which can support its dynamic operational model.

EXCEED enhances Cansco’s service technology by increasing asset utilisation and uptime and by lowering costs. EXCEED, with its integrated knowledge base, reduces the reliance on industry’s aging expertise pool.

Superior Scalability

Elegantly and efficiently accommodates company growth.

Facilitated Regulatory / Customer Compliance

Aids certification and compliance assurance.

Improved Efficiency

Greatly reduces the time and effort of users to carry out daily tasks.

Improved Data Quality and Accessibility

Reduced human data input, yet providing access to the right data at the right time for the right purpose.

Improved Collaboration and Workflows

Simplifies collaborative efforts by providing teams access to process, knowledge and data when they need it.

Assured Data Security

Intrinsic controls to ensure the security of Company’s data.

Improved Reporting and Planning

a single integrated reporting module for business process performance, ready analytic and report generating capability.

Fully Customisable

Specialised process improvements easily achieved.

One Environment


EXCEED eliminates the need for multiple third-party applications by integrating all normal business process for supply chain, customer management, asset management, accounting, personnel, etc. with technical knowledge and skills required for the Cansco operational model.

“EXCEED is a technology that will be appreciated for years to come.”

Peter RossOperations Manager - Cansco Dubai LLC

Asset Management, Performance Monitoring, Analytics, Mobile and More

EXCEED modules are completely integrated, fully-featured solutions that provide a seamless environment of advanced enterprise capabilities. This highly integrated and highly mobile approach empowers users to create, access, deliver, and use content in more contextual and professional ways.

A digital equipment compliance status and management coordination application

CAN EYE, a digital equipment compliance status and management coordination application, is part of Cansco’s Service Technology and is powered by Cansco’s proprietary CAN-EXCEED Enterprise Management System (EMS) software technology.

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