Warning - Beware of Fraudulent Employment Offers

Beware of contacts from individuals or organizations offering fictitious employment opportunities at Cansco Well Control. These 'offers' may instruct prospective candidates to provide detailed passport and personal security clearance information, and/or to pay application and processing fees.

Please be informed that Cansco Well Control will never request any payment or fees from prospective candidates.

Should you receive any employment opportunity contact from a person or entity claiming to be related to Cansco Well Control please verify this immediately using contact details provided in our official website, www.canscodubai.com

As a general warning, any 'offer' that seems too good to be true normally is just that. We strongly recommend that all possible precautions are taken to ensure the authenticity of any request for personal security information or payment, and in cases where such requests appear not be authentic, to contact your local law enforcement agency with details of the case.