The CANSCO RX Ram Type Blowout Preventer (BOP) is built for surface (land,jack-up, platform etc.) applications worldwide...



Comes in a range of well bore sizes and working pressure ratings to suit the full range of well construction, completion, workover and intervention activities...



Innovative Sand Filtering Solutions enabling oil and gas producers to eliminate the challenges associated with downstream erosion of equipment.


API 20E Bolting

The providing API 20E Bolting, Cansco guarantees that the products are manufactured and tested under the most extreme conditions. Cansco is able to provide (BSL) Bolting Specification Levels in the three-existing levels, which prove our commitment with technology and engineering excellence.



EXCEED modules are completely integrated, fully-featured solutions that provide a seamless environment of advanced enterprise capabilities.

Cansco Control Technology has Launched!

Cansco Control Technology Inc. is part of the Cansco group of companies.

Cansco Control Technology Inc. is dedicated to being a leader in Control System and related product supply and service, differentiating itself through a relentless drive to deliver ever-superior levels of competence and Customer Service performance



On Every Well.

Our specialisation in well control equipment solutions has been rewarded by our Customers who recognise well control as a safety critical priority at their wellsite operations. Cansco has striven to realize our vision to be an essential part of the integrity of every well activity across the industry, building on an outstanding and ever strengthening foundation of capability.

With a clear, determined and disciplined focus, we have continued to evolve our operational model to improve our Customer’s experience. With our latest solutions we aim to provide our Customers with more control over their operational and financial performance, offering an unmatched combination of knowledge, equipment supply and service quality all under the Cansco brand.

At Cansco, when we focus on something we do it well.
Our CAN-DO® attitude is a fundamental characteristic of who we are.


Through all of our products, services and relationships, we add to the quality, value and safety…

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We are committed to being the industry leader in Well Control, maintaining a continuous focus on Health, Safety and…

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Everything Cansco sets out to achieve begins with the core values of Advance, Trust, Thankfulness, Integrity, Tradition, Unity

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Innovated to deliver enhanced operating and financial performance.

"Cansco’s sole focus is on the provision of well control system solutions."

Cansco is uniquely placed to provide the highest levels of well control system assurance at your well site. From complete system design through to full system deployment and onto system maintenance, Cansco provides the complete well control system solution for all types of well activity.

Having confidence in the integrity of your well control system allows you and your specialist well site service providers to focus on what they do best. Helping you get the best from your well site performance is our business.

Cansco Manufactured Well Control Equipment

Cansco RX Ram Type BOP

It’s simple and reliable construction makes the RX BOP ideal for operating in rugged, harsh environments and in extreme temperatures.

Cansco AS Annular Type BOP

The AS packing element, energised by hydraulic operating pressure, can achieve complete shut-off on well open-hole, and well annulus shut-off on virtually all profiles of Kelly, drill string pipe and collar, casing and tubing string, tool joints and wireline.

Drilling Valves

Drilling valves are primarily designed to start or stop flow, and when a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum flow restriction are needed. In service, these valves generally are either fully open or fully closed.

Well Control Equipment Rentals

Ram Type BOP

A ram-type BOP is similar in operation to a gate valve, but uses a pair of opposing steel plungers, rams. The rams extend toward the center of the wellbore to restrict flow or retract open in order to permit flow.

Annular Type BOP

An annular blowout preventer uses the principle of a wedge to shut in the wellbore. It has a donut-like rubber seal, known as an elastomeric packing unit, reinforced with steel ribs.

Ram Blocks

The closing and sealing component on a blowout preventer. One of three types – blind, pipe, or shear – may be installed in several preventers mounted in a stack on top of the wellbore.

API 20E Bolting

The providing API 20E Bolting, Cansco guarantees that the products are manufactured and tested under the most extreme conditions. Cansco is able to provide (BSL) Bolting Specification Levels in the three-existing levels, which prove our commitment with technology and engineering excellence.

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Production Services

BBS™ Sand Separation Technology

The BBS™ Sand Separator System is uniquely designed to capture the maximum sand and solids recovery during well production operations, and during flow back and long term well testing operations, with up to 99.5% solids recovery consistently delivered in past operational installations.

Always with all the

Support You Can Depend On

Our Clients expect and deserve services by people who are experts in their roles, and our OPITO approved CAN DO competency development program integrates the practical skills, knowledge and situational awareness required to deliver on this expectation.

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